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General Treatments 

Gait Analysis, Orthotics and Insoles

Here at Centre 4 Feet we will look at the structure of your foot and the problems you are experiencing. The foot is a very complex structure and is under a lot of pressure to perform to the best of its ability.

Using the latest pressure plate technology and a full biomechanical assessment we can advise you on the best treatments. We can provide custom made or pre formed orthotics depending on budget. We also can prescribe custom made simple insoles if required. We are able to provide all types of orthotics for all kinds of sporting activates from running and skiing through to football and tennis.
Centre 4 Feet is a member of the Foot Function Clinics and uses rightstride® orthotics and insoles.
See the following link for further information:


A verruca is a viral infection which can be picked up from coming into contact with the virus, commonly caught in changing rooms and beside swimming pools.
Verrucae need not to be painful and they are best left alone for the body’s own immune system to fight. However, if they are painful, on a weight bearing part of your foot or spreading it is best to treat them. Here at Centre 4 feet we offer a range of treatments depending on the age of the patient, their general health and their lifestyle.

Ingrowing and Involuted Nails

If you suffer from painful ingrowing or involuted nails we can offer a surgical solution to your problem (subject to your medical history).
A Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA) is done under local anaesthetic. A section of the offending nail is removed including the growing area at the base of the nail and a liquid chemical is applied to prevent re growth. We will see you on weekly to two weekly intervals until the toe has fully healed.

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