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Verrucae or warts are viruses that are found on the skin. They are often small, pain-free and go away quite easily within 6 months to a year, particularly in children. 

However, in some cases they start to spread or multiply, become painful and can cause embarrassment. This is when to seek professional help. There is no quick fix with verrucae. A course of treatment is always required. The cure of a verruca using ANY type of treatment cannot be guaranteed. 



We do not usually advise professional intervention with children except in very painful, spreading verrucae. The best advice is to use an over-the-counter preparation (follow the instructions on the packet) and be very consistent and diligent with your treatment. Don’t forget that most verrucae in children will go away by themselves. We are very happy to meet your child and confirm diagnosis, give an assessment and advise the best way to treat your child’s verruca, please remember though that the best advice may be to do nothing.



We use the SWIFT (  microwave system to treat verrucae in adults. In exceptional cases (which are assessed on an individual basis) we have successfully used SWIFT on children aged 12 and above. This is in exceptional situations and your child must be mature for their age.

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