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Swift Microwave Energy Treatment for Verrucae

Tel: 01342 834454

After years of trying different treatments for my daughter's verrucae, we thought we had run out of options. Then we discovered Emma at Centre4Feet and after just 3 treatments with "Swift", every one of my daughter's verrucae have disappeared. We are very thankful to Emma and would highly recommend her services.”
Mrs S. Kent
My treatment with Swift was extremely good and very effective. The first treatment was painful, but the second and third were far less so as I had a higher dose for less time. I started with about twenty-seven verrucae and now they have all gone. I would really recommend the Swift treatments it is effective, easy and barely any side effects. Also, I would recommend Emma to do this for you, as she is lovely and very down to earth.”
Miss R. West Sussex
I can highly recommend Emma at Centre4Feet. I had suffered from a painful verruca for about 5 years. I had tried several home treatments without any success. Emma recommended a new treatment called "Swift". After only 3 treatments the area is now completely pain free and the verruca has disappeared. Emma's approach from the outset was very sympathetic and she really puts you at ease.”
Mrs J. Surrey
I have just returned home after my third and final Swift treatment on my foot full of verrucae. One was at least 10 years old and no treatment had worked – freezing, acid, duct tape, Bazooka, aggravating it (apparently the best treatment), ignoring it, starving it of oxygen, loving it, homeopathy. I drew the line at green banana skin and surgery. The verruca was not just annoying - it was so painful. On the ball of my foot over the site of my mortons neuroma it was like having a stone in my shoe that I could not remove. Walking became a trial, I had to use orthotics to relieve the pain, but this was only partly successful. It was impossible to walk barefoot without limping. My gait changed and so did the shape of my foot. Now I feel I have my foot back! My verrucae have cleared completely and I can see pink skin for the first time in years! No more pain, no more costly ineffective treatments and no more hopelessness. I can't tell you what this means to me. Thank you so much.”
Mrs S. West Sussex

Frequently asked questions by patients considering treatment using Swift microwave therapy.

What is Swift®?

Swift is a breakthrough verruca treatment that has a 90% success rate. Swift is a new technology, developed in the UK, which has been licenced for the general treatment of skin lesions in Podiatry and Dermatology. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue.

How Can I Find More Information®?

Download leaflet with more details here in PDF format

Visit the Swift patient website here

Does it hurt?

Like many treatments for skin lesions, some minor discomfort may be experienced. Before treatment your podiatrist or dermatologist may decide to reduce the lesion with a blade. Pain levels vary from person to person but most people undergoing Swift liken it to a pain similar to an injection or a scratch, lasting 2 - 3 seconds then quickly subsiding.

What can I do after treatment?

In some cases the treated area may feel sore but will not prevent you undertaking normal daily activities.

How many treatments will I need?

This is dependent on how you respond to treatment. In some cases, you may need more than one treatment (these can be from 14 days to over a month apart depending on the response). Your Podiatrist or Dermatologist will be able to discuss this with you.

Can anyone receive this treatment?

With a few exceptions, most people with skin lesions would be able to have this treatment. Your Podiatrist or Dermatologist will carry out an assessment prior to treatment and be able to advise you on this.

All information read here is based on Patient Information Sheets created by trained, registered Clinicians who are experienced with the product and treatment protocol. Before undergoing treatment ensure your Podiatrist or Dermatologist is registered and has given you the full range of options available.

How safe are microwaves?

Aside from the kitchen appliance, microwaves are used in a number of everyday applications. Standard wifi uses microwaves, mobile phones, bluetooth, and cordless phones all use microwaves to send data over short distances. Furthermore, most satellite communications systems (including GPS navigation systems) are also based on the use of microwaves – we interact with microwaves in more ways than we know, every day.

Treatment Overview

A scientific overview of a treatment using Swift - microwave therapy

Treatment Overview from Emblation Microwave on Vimeo.

How Does it Work?

Here are links to 3 PDFs of Case Studies showing how Swift treatment works:

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3


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